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How can you help?

1 Day Ranch cant continue their work without the support of people like you!


We spend thousands of dollars each year on vet care, feed, and supplies. Our #1 need is ALWAYS monetary donations! All donations ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE!
To make a donation easily via paypal you
can do so via the email address
or you can do so via the link below!
(Please be advised that the link does not work on all browsers! We are trying to fix this issue asap!)


Check out our Amazon Wishlist to purchase products we need here at the ranch! They will be sent directly to us and are always a HUGE help! Click the link below to see the wish list!
We know some people prefer to donate directly to vets for vet costs! That is perfectly fine with us and our vet is extremely accommodating! If you would like to donate direct to our veterinarian all you have to do is call them at the number below! They have someone at the phone Monday through Thursday 8am-5pm.
Tell them you would like to make a
donation to the 1 DAY RANCH Account!
Ellis and Bellinger Vet Clinic
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